Is livestreaming creation of my annual report silly?

Some of you probably know me from from my annual data zine - for the past 9 years, I’ve
released an art zine about my year’s data. You can see last year’s zine here and my 2014 zine here. I gave a talk about my zine in Amsterdam this year at the QS conference.

I usually ship the zine all over the world to a mailing list of hundreds of people (I spend a lot of time stuffing envelopes). This year I’m considering something crazier: livestreaming the creation of the zine (which will be a 10 year retrospective called: A Statistically Significant Decade: A Data Memoir of my Twenties. )

The plan is to design the entire zine over a 48 hour time period in January (13th +14th) and livestream the entire process, where you can drop in and see how it gets made and then get on the list to get it shipped to you when it’s done.

I’m basing this off of Nathan Barry of ConvertKit’s project to launch a product in 24 hours.

My question: is this crazy? Silly? Even remotely interesting? Would you tune in for 20 minutes? I’m thinking I may be able to get some apps I use for tracking to throw in some gift cards or something for viewers.

Also, if you are a QS company, want to sponsor this weird thing?

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I think it’s not silly in itself, it’s an interesting thing to see and could be fun to interact with you while you do it to ask questions.

That said, I probably wouldn’t prioritize it that much as to plan in a certain time slot in my life for it, considering how busy I am in general. But who knows, if it would match up accidentally, I’d probably hang around.

I guess I’m a bit late to answer this now though, since this is the end of the said weekend for me :slight_smile:

I agree, it would be really interesting to try.

@anomalily You could always stream to Twitch in their “IRL” channel. I was thinking of doing that for whenever I’m using spaced repetition software to see if anyone would find it interesting.