Is the BodyMedia Fit still alive?

Hey gang,
I decided to dig out my BodyMedia Fit device, mostly to add more data into my Fluxtream feed.

All my macs are Yosemite now - the software installs fine, and the device chirps when connected. But it never syncs.
Is that a Yosemite issue, or something on the BodyMedia end?

Also, I noticed their Fit app is gone from the Apple App Store.

Which makes me wonder, after the Jawbone acquisition, is the BodyMedia Fit device dead? Did they retire it and the apps which support it?

The BodyMedia service is still up and running, so you should be able to sync your device with an existing account. But you are no longer able to purchase any of the devices or sign up for an new account (and, according to my sources, there are no plans for new or updated devices).

@NickDawson, in case you had a bunch of data on BodyMedia (like I do; 3.5+ years), I figured out a way to export it. Unlike their daily summaries, it’ll get values/minute for calories and sleep, and values/hour for steps. They’re turning off the servers on the 31st, so take care of it ASAP.