Is the CorSense Kickstarter HRV monitor worth buying?

It doesn’t seem to be continuous, but the option possibly still exists? Also, I’m not sure how accurate the fingertips can really capture the entire waveform…

Looks like a fancy finger pulse oximeter; you can already get one for a fraction of the price of the CorSense.

Thanks for sharing! Thought I’d help answer:

CorSense continuously measures pulse waveform, heart rate, and R-R intervals while you are using it. These are reported in real-time to a connected app, such as Elite HRV.

There are some limitations to waveform analysis from the fingertip as compared to multi-lead ECG/EKG, but with the right sensor array and firmware/software signal enhancing algorithms you can get a very solid reading of pulse waveform and R-R interval detection.

To ejain’s comment: The CorSense is also capable of measuring pulse oximetry, but it is designed first for accurate pulse waveform detection for use in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, which is a very different animal and requires an extreme degree of accuracy.

The CorSense can measure pulse ox, but a regular pulse ox cannot facilitate the measurement accurate HRV.

Happy to explain further, but there is a ton of info now on the KS page:

We’ve been answering questions there consistently throughout the campaign and have also done some live Q&A sessions. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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If you can share some data from your testing, that would be very insightful!

I’m currently using HRV4Training with my cell phone camera, which works great, as long as I hold still…

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Awesome! Will do. I’ve made note to follow up here with that soon.

Hi Jason, has the CorSense been properly validated for its HRV capabilities? I found a 2018 paper study that clearly states the CorSense has NOT been validated:

Could you please say whether the status of the CorSense has been updated since?


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