Is there a smartwatch app akin to Reporter or KeepTrack?

Is there a smartwatch app akin to Reporter for iPhone or KeepTrack (KeepTrack being the closest thing I could find to Reporter on Android)?

This sort of extremely customisable data tracking would be perfect for smartwatches. I’m amazed that I haven’t been able to find anything of the sort for Pebble or Android Wear. I don’t own a smartwatch, but such an app alone would motivate me to buy one: it would make all manner of data tracking as convenient as possible.

Funny same here. I’m heading to the QS conference in a week or so, and if there is nothing at the Expo I just might have to build something basic. It’s a killer watch app and I want a watch!

I dare say you’d get a fair few downloads if you do so, kcorkum.

I emailed KeepTrack to ask if they were working on an Android Wear implementation. I was told that “given the amount of smartwatches and the list of other requested features [they] do not give this a high priority at this stage.”

We have recently released a QuantifiedSelf / Lifelogging app “insight for Wear” for the Android wear smartwatch.
It is the first QS app for smartwatch