ISO of Interview Subjects for Stanford Class

Hi all,

We’re currently in search of QS nutrition practitioners in the Bay Area, who’d be willing to help out with a project.

A little about us and our project. Rupa, Jo-Ann and I are all graduate students at Stanford, and we’re currently taking a course in the Product Design program called “Graduate Design Research Methods.” The aim of the course is to better understand how to assess and design towards the needs of individuals.

For this project, we hope to understand the ways and reasons that people quantify the food they eat. We’re trying to understand the needs of these people. We hope to conduct interviews with 4-5 individuals. We’re in search of stories. After the interviews, we will then try to synthesize what we’ve learned in a short video and a presentation to our class.

Let us know if you might be interested.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jon Kleiman

One of my friend id dietician so I will ask her and tell you as soon as possible, if she can help you.

Try to visit