I've made software to track time and habits via a "real" button push

Hi all,

I’ve been life logging/tracking for about ~3 years now mainly via adding entries to my calendar. In this time, I’ve been making tools to help me track data easier.

I’ve recently created software for another time tracking friend to easily track time and habits via a “real” button push. The software works by creating calendar events when a physical button is pushed.

I personally have several buttons around my home to help maintain my habits. For example, I have a button next to my bathroom sink which I press every time I floss. In my kitchen, I have a button next to my protein powder to help keep up the habit of drinking 1 protein shake a day. By having these buttons all around my home, I’m reminded to both do the habit and to track habit since the button is right where the activity occurs. Plus, I don’t even have to pull out my phone. At the end of week, I am able to review the past week and check for patterns.

Would anyone be interested in the software described above?

I’d also be curious to know if you’ve come across anything similar, so feel free to share


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I’m interested to learn more. Back in 2011/12 a buddy and I built something that sounds similar - a series of wifi-enabled buttons and sensors that paired with a base station to send Event data to my server. We actually did a presentation to the Toronto QS meetup back in the day. But then we had kids (5 days apart!) and we had our real jobs, so it never went anywhere. But I kept logging Events manually and lately via Google Home/Assistant.

I’d be interested in adding a physical button component to the solution.

Here’s a photo of some of the old diy hardware… motion sensor in the top right, the base station far right, two light/temp/humidity sensors, two single button wireless buttons with red and green leds for basic 2-way communication, two double button units, etc.

I’d like to learn more about your solution. You can reach me at dreeds@gmail.com if you like.

Thanks for posting,

I’m interested in this. If you look at the “1-Button Tracker” tile at the upper left of this page about QS projects you’ll see the solution we’ve been collaborating on with Totti Labs for simple recording of events. I know Thomas and Jakob, the inventors of this device, have experimented with smart buttons also.

@dreeds I enjoyed our call, and I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation!

Hi @Agaricus, I hadn’t seen the “1-Button Tracker” project before. It seems similar to my own project, so I’m curious what else you’re looking for in my own button project. I’ve sent you a message to follow up :slight_smile: