Jawbone UP

Let’s discuss data formats and exports from the Jawbone UP. Ernesto, what you got?

It appears that Jawbone Up users can download their data (in yearly chunks) by accessing it through the user’s account on Jawbone.com:
[]Sign into Jawbone.com
]Click Settings
[]Click the Accounts tab
]You should see “Download Up Data” near the bottom
[*]Click the year you want to download
The data is available as a .csv file, but is pretty hard to read as the data labels are a bit of a mess and the data is a mix of time data and activity data. I was able to find a great breakdown of the column headings and their meanings on the Jawbone forums here.

Thanks to our friend and QS Amsterdam Organizer, Maarten den Braber, we have a nice example data set for Jawbone data. Check out the attached Excel file (.xlsx) to see what Jawbone gives you.

Hi Ernesto Ramirez,

I just looked at the excel sheet, but I have to say as a dilatant in the area of sleep info I have no idea what most of that stuff means. I am looking for into how it translates to usable data in a visualization format. Say, in comparison to the Zeo or any other sleep monitor.

You can see a great breakdown of the column definitions here.

I’m relatively new to QS, but I really enjoy data and the idea of quantifying daily life to look for patterns that may eventually lead to a an improvement in energy, stress, rest, etc. Needless to say, lurking around this forum has been very helpful.

I recently bought a Jawbone UP, and am very interested in the data it makes available in CSV format. I’ve perused the output, and the column definitions posted (thanks for linking it, Ernesto). I’m curious about what folks are doing with this data for their own projects.

The Jawbone UP is only one source of data, I’m getting becoming familiar with others, including homebrew solutions making use of both manually gathered and automated data, and as I collect, I’d love to hear about what anyone is doing with their UP data exports.


Hey everyone,

I have a question to all the jawbone-up-users:
Is there a way to export data from the jawbone up in intervals of hours, minutes or even seconds? Because if not, I won’t buy one, but if it’s possible that would be really great!

Thanks in advance,


Hi all - you can use the Jawbone API to pull much more granular data in JSON format.

You can retrieve hourly activity data from Jawbone UP API via this call:

You can retrieve more granular intervals (60 seconds for moves, 10 seconds for workouts) by calling the ‘ticks’ for each endpoint as detailed here:

We also have an api console so you can explore your personal data quickly without having to build an app:

Steve Smedes
Platform Partner Success at Jawbone

We use the API Steve mentions to implement our Jawbone UP connector in Fluxtream (https://fluxtream.org). If you have a Fluxtream account and add the UP connector, you can interactively explore the Jawbone data together with your other data sources on a common timeline.

If you’re interested to try this, there’s a Quick Start guide linked to at the bottom of the (Fluxtream home page). Section 2 describes how to add connectors.

For example, here’s a screenshot of comparing last night’s sleep data between the Jawbone UP and the BodyMedia CORE armbands (both are on on my left arm/wrist):


I have been using a BodyMedia FIT device for 4 years and not sure if I would switch given I have worked out the data export into my tool of choice (JMP), but this API looks intriguing as it seems like meal data could be extracted and the minute by minute data is highly attractive as I can’t get that out of the BodyMedia reports. Can end users sign up to use it without a fee or is there a fee for access?

There is no fee to use Jawbone’s API.

BodyMedia does have minute-resolution data.

Can’t see a “Download Up Data” option when signed in on https://jawbone.com/user/settings#!accounts. Can someone confirm that the spreadsheet export function still exists somewhere?

Yes @ejain, I can still see the CSV export in my Jawbone account. It’s the last section called ‘UP’ in the account tab. You have several black buttons: one for each year (from 2011 to 2015).

Actually I only see export up to 2014 on my account though I do use my Up24 daily in 2015.

Thanks, found the download option. I suspect you can’t download any data for this year until January 2016?

Can someone verify if this is still working. I can’t seem to get apigee to talk to me…

I just tried it and found the download buttons in my Jawbine settings area. You can download CSV files yearly. Mine where 2013-2017, seems alright.