JerrysBrain (mmm hmm)

Remember that guy showing his weird blue mind map at the closing session? That was me.

You can browse my Brain for free at; I’ve also put three explanatory videos there. If you want to build your own brain, install the free version of TheBrain, v9. I’m happy to help.

Also: There’s an app in Apple’s App Store with my face on it, titled Jerrys Brain (bwahahahaha!). Warning: while my Brain looks great on an iPad, the data in the iOS version is frozen at mid-2016 when I started using TheBrain 9 (the app is tied to the v8 server and is unlikely to be updated). That does mean my iPad Brain is happily amnesic: it has no idea Trump won :slight_smile:

On the hunch a couple folks here might like to dive deeper into Brainz, I’ve started this new topic. AMA!


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