Joined forum looking for QS people's thoughts

Hi Guys,

I’m new to the QS community although I have been self tracking pretty hardcore for sometime and just hadn’t discovered the QS movement until recently.

I’ve recently joined a startup accelerator and have some funding to build an app that would sync data from various input sources and provide actionable insights based on that data. The actionable insights would be for example instead of simply telling people they aren’t taking enough steps, it’d point out destinations they’ve been driving to that are a short walk.

I figure quantified self people are going to be the experts on, what like this already exists? What types of insights would they be interested in (related to what insights have they found from mining their own data)? Also, for the point of the new user thread, where should I be asking these questions?



Hi Ryan,

As you probably suspected, there are a number of folks working on this type of solution. The first one that comes to mind is Exist - (I can’t vouch for it, as I’ve never used it). Another one is OptimizeMe -

For more advance/self-directed users (looking to find their own correlations), there are tools like ZenoBase and rTracker.

  • Bob

I have a list of services in this space here (whom did I miss?).

There are more services that have a more narrow or educational (Did you know that you should walk 10,000 steps every day?) and/or motivational (Get off the couch and walk another 1,500 steps to reach you daily goal!) focus.

Thanks guys! Great resources. You can expect me to start getting more active around these forums.

@Eric - nice list!

@Ryan - as the other guys have touched on, the space for data aggregation is starting to get crowded (although this should not be something to stop you).

As you touch on, I believe there is a large opportunity for products that offer consumers emotive and valuable insights from their data. Clearly this is the most difficult area, and hence many companies are struggling to get it right. Basic recommendations, like prompting someone to take more steps, have been somewhat proven to have a limited effect.

If you can get this right you’ll not only have a big differentiator in the space but also a product that will make your customers very sticky (one of the biggest challenges for QS apps & devices IMO).