Journalist looking for interview subjects

Hi everybody,

My name is Madeleine Cuff, I’m a journalist working for a company called Stylus (, which provides trend reports on the creative and technology industries. I’m currently working on a piece looking at the quantified self movement, and how people are beginning to use personal data generated by apps such as Placeme or Rescuetime to better understand their life.

I’m looking to speak to members of the quantified self group, or people who use data collection or tracking apps, to feature as case studies in the piece.

I’d really appreciate it if any of you would be able to spare just a few minutes of your time to answer some simple questions on your experiences of the quantified self movement.

I’m happy to conduct interviews over the phone or via e-mail, just drop me a line at if you would be happy to speak to me.

My deadline for this piece is Monday (13th August) so if you could get in touch as soon as possible that would be really helpful.