Journalist Query - James Wallman

James Wallman from London sent these questions for the QS community… Reply in this thread to answer:

Anyone know how many quantified selfers there are?
How has quantifying yourself helped you be better, smarter, happier, healthier?
What are the most exciting products/developments in QS right now?
What needs to happen to make QS a mainstream, mass-market reality? When do you think that’ll happen?
Do you agree that QS will change the world in terms of how we make decisions? My theory is that we used to think people were rational - as per Adam Smith & the Wealth of Nations. Then - as per Tversky & Hahnemann & behavioural science - we realised that people make decisions through heuristics. In the future, I think people will use data to make decisions, as quantified selfers. Do you agree?
Which are the 3 brands you think are the most exciting, most likely to make that reality? What’s next on the horizon?
Which is the outlier QS idea/innovation which sounds ridiculous now, but could be the game-changer?
What other question(s) should I have asked but didn’t?[/quote]

I’ll answer this: “How has quantifying yourself helped you be better, smarter, happier, healthier?”

In this paper I describe how it made me happier, sleep better, get fewer colds, and lose weight:

hi Seth
thank you - really helped the piece I wrote for T3 magazine. I’m now a happy My Zeo user… though I have a 7 week old baby & my ZQ tends to be very low! Last night was 39. Still, at least I know that 25% of it was deep sleep, which is great for regeneration. Best, James

you’re welcome, James. Could you post a link to the article?