Killer Apps for Healthy Living

Hello QSers!
While I admit to visiting over here for the planning an event, the intersection between our efforts at Health 2.0 NYC and QS is great. We have a KA4HL series we do every few months and in the next one we wanted to emphasize design and data visualization so we are looking for great examples of same. If you have suggestions for great examples or speakers for our next event please advise.

Our meetup group site is if you are interested in attending an event.


Alex, here are some resources for you.

QS tools
Many QS data capture devices use data visualizations as part of the service that they wrap around their device. Check out Fitbit, Zeo, Withings, Up and Nike+ among others.

Design Ignites Change
You can find some great examples where design is used to address pressing social issues like health at

Visualization Galleries

People who do nice data visualization work
Nicholas Felton
Jer Thorp
Moritz Stefaner
Laurie Frick

QS Community
Workshop I did on personal data viz with Laurie & Mark Frick (good links & resources here)

QS blog post I did on data viz