Kinds of sport influence on fat %

I targeted myself to reduce fat% several months ago. As result interesting investigation happened.
I fond of sport, a lot of different kinds from climbing till bicycle. Main recommendations I kept for the result were:
1/ lack of calories,
2/ 1,5-2 gram of protein consumption per 1 kilo of weight per day
3/ 2 liters of water per day
In firs weeks result looked very good, I used only strength training 3 times/week. After some stagnation I added bicycle 1 hour per day (to work place and back) and result improved little bit.
Section 3 (bicycle > 140) is most interesting for analyze. In this period weight kept reducing but fat% hadn’t changes. I conclude that muscles burned instead of fat and main reason is HR >140.
Last section was really effective. I went camino de Portuges with keeping my rules for protein and water. Of course expenditures of calories was dramatically higher then consumption. In average 30 km per day with 1 real food intake.
As result 7.5 kg of fat was lost in 3.5 months. I found balance of calories and favorite kinds of activities to keep my weight and fat%.
Good luck for everyone!

What device are you using to measure body composition?

Losing fat usually isn’t too hard, the problem is keeping the fat off… So be sure to post an update in a year or so :slight_smile:

Hello Erik. The device brand is InBody (special equipment in fitness center) and little bit excel :slightly_smiling_face:
For me the progress was really difficult. I’ve been involving in sport more then 20 years but never got this proportion of fat%. Only correct combination of activities and diet helped me to keep muscle weight and reduce fat%.
Hope to share statistics in one year :hourglass_flowing_sand: