KPI's to Evaluate a Human Life?

I’ve spent some time seeking KPIs, Key Performance Indicators for the life activity of the generic human.

Has anyone else developed some standards like this? Another term could be biomarkers, but KPIs are more like a rating or level of excellence to be strived for. I’ve created a standard that I use internally but it’s just me against me. What suggestions for KPIs would you consider essential for the evaluation of a human life? Since everyone here is self-experimenting, then there must be a lot of them.

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I built a real-time personal KPI dashboard with that in mind. The idea is that it passively collects data on my life, with very little input from me.

My top-level KPI’s which I keep in view at all times (With a raspberry pi hooked up to a tv), is meditation, focus time, and unproductivity. The goal is to “complete” each donut, which consists of hitting 20mins of meditation time, 2.5h of focus time, and spending less than an hour on unproductive activities. A day is deemed ‘successful’ if I’ve achieved these three internal goals.

It’s open source if you want to tinker around with it -

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Ok, now we are talking.

>>The idea is that it passively collects data on my life, with very little input from me.

How does this work exactly? How do you get output w/o input?

I’m combining your two emails to ask these questions in one place.

>>I store all my data in a relational database.

What database? If only it was Filemaker.

>> Right now I passively track:

I’ve got problems with this word passively. Where do the numbers in your data actually come from? If you don’t meditate, what does your donut show, zero? Then when you meditate your brain transfers the thought waves to your computer somehow?

Books you read are magically transferred how exactly?
I track most of these by inputting the data.

I don’t get what you are doing that is “passively.”

If you are online Productively 8 hours, and Unproductively 4, that means you are online 12 hours for that one day?

Also, that word “productivity” is very subjective.


Time spent online, along with productivtity and unproductivity (Rescuetime)
Weight (Withings smart scale)
Pomodoro time (
Todo’s (Todoist)
Time spent programming (Wakatime)
Top artists and songs for the month (Spotify)
Books read (Goodreads)
articles written (Medium)
Meditation time (insight timer)
I’d like to create a passive mood tracker, something that can determine my mood based on a photo that I take (either by desktop or mobile).

The metrics are passive or quasi-passive (e.g. music I listen to, time spent online, articles written, etc. is pulled automatically from various services as I use them, with no manual input from me).

Other things like books, focus time, and meditation are things I would already be tracking via third-party services so I don’t need to manually input them. For example, I use insight timer which has a host of guided meditations. As I complete each session, it ‘logs’ data that I can then pull from their API. Same with books read, I’m already active on Goodreads, so I pull the data from there. In that sense it’s quasi-passive since I would already be using these services.

Productivity I agree is a bit misleading, since it’s merely the time spent on websites deemed productive by Rescuetime. I prefer ‘focus time’ which is when I will turn on a pomodoro timer to focus on a particular task (writing, programming, etc.)

Since the web app is hosted on Heroku, I use Postgres for the database.

Okay. Interesting process.

>>Since the web app is hosted on Heroku, I use Postgres for the database.

I’m guessing I would have no clue how those work. If I read a book, I log the start and end time, and the name of the book. Same with everything else. I guess it’s pretty clear that if we want to compare apples to apples we need to be using the same system. My system might resemble a FedEx delivery log.

I’m currently contemplating rebuilding my system in Excel, which everyone knows or has. The problem being I hate Excel and have no clue how it works on this level, but I’ve found a source to learn anyway. Plus I’m pretty sure I’d better be in Windows for this and I’m a Mac person although I have a nice PC for odd jobs. If I had a friend who was a next gen FM programmer, it could be an app on the phone from FM itself. It’s evolving that fast. Plus it’s the same on Mac and PC

I could export my data to go into your system if it’s based on normalized tables. I’ve pretty much stayed away from Github, even with Filemaker based projects.

I still don’t see any KPIs really. I’m looking for scale of 1-10 type numbers. I suppose a simple example would be hours of sleep against an 8 hour standard. If you slept 8 hours then you get a ten. What I have is the raw numbers but not the KPIs to relate them to.