KQED documentary about self-tracking

Hi, my name is Sheraz Sadiq and I’ve just begun work on a half-hour TV documentary for KQED about the quantified self movement and how wearable devices, apps and other technological tools are empowering consumers to track their health, productivity and genomes like never before. I’m looking for people in the San Francisco Bay Area who are avid self-trackers, preferably tracking their health to manage a chronic condition or individuals who are tracking a range of variables to see how they affect aspects of their health. If you live in the Bay Area and have been self-tracking for at least six months, please send me an email as I’d like to learn more about your story. Best, -Sheraz

sounds great. keep us informed of when your work will show. best of luck

Thank you, greimers. We’re aiming for a broadcast date of early autumn. I’ll keep you apprised when we nail down an exact date.

Im down in fresno and am checking out different wrist gadgets but right now just logging via pen and paper…hope to learn from your film!!!

Hi Sheraz, it was good to meet you last night at the Bay Area show&tell!

Morning. I might qualify. I’ve been self tracking for five years now and I’ve improved my health across the board. I pretty much use all the tools out there. I have a heart rate watch, track all my food, use runkeeper, track my lifts… I’m also tracking health issues including ADD and POTS, both have shown significant improvement.

Let me know if you want to talk.