L/f feedback/discussion on self-designed tracking/productivity form

[attachment=24]Hey guys/gals.

I’m trying to design a form - partly inspired by the Pomodoro technique - to be more mindful about how many times per day I start/return to project/goal, which project/goal I worked on and how much focused time I’ve spent per day.

I’ve attached a form with some mock information. The symbols:
[]Darkened circle = new project/goal that has been started
]Diagonal red lines = unfinished 5 min block
[*]Darkened line = 5 min of completed activity

How it works:
[]Choose a project/task
]Choose an amount of time to commit to task (min = 5minutes)
[]Start timer
]Darken circle, jot down time and project/task name
[*]Start working

At the end of the day, I tally the number of times I started a task/project AFTER an interruption/break and the amount of time spent working on projects.

Any feedback or suggested workflow improvements would be appreciated.


I wouldn’t try to keep track of so many things at once. Rather, it should be simplified to whether or not you work a certain amount of time or not.

The more elaborate your form is, the more the user have to think, and the more the user spend time on filling out the form, and the less likely that they will use it.

Granted, it would be great if you can track more details, but they will have a cost. If you want to track more details, you need a simpler workflow.

Thanks for the feedback.

I more clarity on how tracking/feedback can help me accomplish my goal(s) while providing some mindfulness and procrastination busting. It’s a tall order, but I think many people are looking for something similar.

I think an app I’m using would do what you need. It’s called Eternity Time Log, and the developer is Komorian. Not sure if it’s on any platform besides IOS. One that’s web based and uses the bubble-filling method is called BubbleTimer. I eventually abandoned it because the support was abysmal (developer not answering questions posed for months), but the site itself seems to do what you need.