Lab results into HealthKit

Hey friends
Quick question…

Anyone know of a way to get lab test results into Apple’s Healthkit?

Put another way - do any of the major national providers such as MiniteClinic or Walgreens have an EMR which supports resulting into HealthKit?

I’d like to start tracking Vit B and Vit D on a regular basis. HealthKit has become my aggregator of choice…and I’d really like to get results into HealthKit automatically.

Any ideas or tips?

If your health provider uses Epic, you should be able to use the My Chart app to upload data from HealthKit, but I’m curious how well (or even if…) this works in practice.

Regrettably, that’s only true with the organization has enabled the Patient Tracking module of Epic’s 2014 release…setting aside that most haven’t upgraded to 2014, even fewer have enabled the HK integration feature :confused:

I have the XML data dump from my epic records which contain lab values, etc. But there doesn’t currently seem to be any 3rd party apps which will read the CCDA format and load it into health kit

@NickDawson - I’d be interested in making exactly that, an app of some sort that reads CCDA into HealthKit - I’m a developer

Here is an example project created by Apple:

Unfortunately I’m on Linux, not a Mac right now. I have an old Macbook but I’m not sure how good that is for developing. But I’ll give it a try and see how I can get a simulator of some sort running on my machine.

Question: When Epic dumps your records, where does it save the file? I’m not familiar with Epic at all, so it would be nice to have some more info on how it works.


Specifically which data are you trying to add to HealthKit? All the data in HealthKit is structured into Body Measurements, Fitness, Me, Nutrition, Results, Sleep and Vitals. Not everything is supported. I’d love to track cholesterol levels, but it is not supported.

Nutrition has Vitamin B and D for when you consume it. You could track all your consumption of those directly within the health app.

I’m in the process of developing a HealthKit enabled app and would love to discuss what you’re trying to accomplish in more detail.

I found myself wanting to do the same thing, so I ported the CCDA/C32 importer/exporter from the ONC/Mitre Ruby Health-Data-Standards project to iOS w/ Swift. There’s an automated “bridge” to let you go between HealthKit <-> CDA for “result-y” things like vitals and labs (where possible).

I’m calling it “CDAKit” and it’s available on GitHub. Currently distributed as a Cocoapod. Just pushed version 1.0.2 this morning and am waiting for the repo to show that version is live. Should be fairly easy to use and I’m always appreciative of feedback.

Really long series of posts here discussing drivers and approach. Parts 9 and 10 are probably the most relevant.

HealthKit -> CDA is straight-forward. Units are handled for you by Apple and you just have to map vocabularies for the concepts. I’ve supplied default curated maps for the things like heart rate, BMI, etc.

CDA -> HealthKit - much harder. The unit string mappings are going to be a mess and you’ll absolutely want to review vocabulary mappings.