Lab Results: Quicksilver, Organic Acids, GI-MAP, Blood Chemistry, DUTCH and more

If anybody is interested in lab testing for health or optimizing performance, and interested in how various labs may relate to one another or reflect or reinforce one another, I put up a page on my blog that shows the results of every test I have taken in relation to my chronic fatigue syndrome. Also some info about my diet at the time of various tests.

I’m happy to answer questions about tests, where to get them, which could be most useful, how/where to get help interpreting. And welcome interpretations if you have any of your own.

I’ll be updating the list as new things come in. Right now I’m expecting my 23 and me, and another urine heavy metals test within the next few weeks. And I’ll be redoing certain tests after taking supplements for certain lengths of time. I’m working with Dr. Dan Kalish to guide treatment, but also going beyond that in terms of extra testing and tweaks.

I’ll probably break things down into some individual blogs eventually. I just wanted to put everything in one place.

Complete Lab List


Wow, you don’t mess around. Here I was all pleased with myself for having gotten sporadic “extra” labwork.

I’ll be curious on the pregnenolone / progesterone supplementation, I bet you’ll notice something given the strong ties to cortisol and metabolism.

Re: 3AM peeing, did you notice any variation in this with the T3 supplementation or your carb/fat ratios changing? That problem disappeared for me after some combination of higher carbs (glycogen storage? lower cortisol?), more salt (normalizing aldosterone? water retention?), thyroid-support (lower cortisol?), and early-day-taurine-supplementation (more glycogen storage?).

And thank you for posting the update on the epsom salt baths for magnesium.

No, I haven’t noticed any difference in the 3 am awakening with various fat/carb ratios. Though my ability to fall back asleep afterward is certainly greatly inhibited by low carb. Nor with the t-3. I had problems with T-3 where it made me ravenously hungry. I would eat sooo much food and get ridiculously bloated and never feel full.

I don’t think I’ve not woken up to pee at least once a night in 5 years or more, unless I was very dehydrated. There may have actually been a few times when I was in a significant relationship and in love (grounding, sense of safety, lower cortisol??).

I do expect eventually something should kick in around the cortisol, like you suggest.

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