Language learning: high-qual kindle dictionaries as a source for flashcards


I have no programming skills, but I would love to “harvest” a HQ kindle dictionary like e.g.örterbuch-Englisch-Deutsch-Advanced-Dictionary-ebook/dp/B00GR5ZOOY?tag=comput0d-21

for flashcards. (Alternatively, even better: )

Since the dictionary features short example phrases (e.g., “the baby was abandoned”), it would
be ideal for learning.

The problem being that there are high quality dictionaries, but no flashcards made from these,
and there are high quality flashcard systems (Anki etc.), but no reasonable flashcard decks for
advanced learners.

I would like to use to tag each harvested card with its frequency
info, in order to be able to build sets (flashcard decks à 2000 flashcards e.g.), ranging from
“frequent/easy” to “advanced/rare” vocabulary.

I do not know how to do this but I would be thrilled if I could get my hands on a frequency-tagged deck
made out of the entries of PONS advanced reader.

Do you have any ideas how this could be done/who would want to help doing like that?

Thank you

(Disclaimer: Such can obviously not be made public - to legally obtain them, one would have to buy the ebook and then extract it, or at least buy the ebook and then have them sent privately. Related, this may be of use: (?) )