Launching an open genomics movement

Hey all,

I’m a geneticist that studies metabolic syndrome (obesity, diabetes, heart disease), and biological connections with aging and longevity. I’m also a lifelong sufferer of metabolic problems, so with a friend I’m starting something rather ambitious: we’re going to run an open genomics experiment that anyone with genome data can voluntarily contribute to.

Here’s our site, we would LOVE feedback. Please spread the word if you think this is cool. If you’d like to eventually participate in the study, checkout our signup page and tell us what kinds of data you have. We have a bunch of tools in the beta phase, and we’ll be releasing stuff shortly to let anyone get intimate with their genome results. If we raise money through indiegogo, we can get there much faster.

We’re called infinome, which is infinity+genome, but pronounced infino-ME (to sound like infinity). We’re mathematicians obsessed with the idea of “escaping limits”, particularly those defining lifespan :slight_smile:

I posted my background to Reddit yesterday, so you guys can see what my motivations are. This is a very personal fight for me against a disease that robs years of life from practically half of all Americans… Help us end it.

Reddit Post - my personal story


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