Length of Time Logging

how long do you guys been quantifying oneself?

As for me, I am quantifying myself a bit past day 70.

In some degree for over 30 years since I started keeping a diary when I was very young. Sometime since I started journal-keeping I started adding my own codes along with times for things like exercise, meditation, weight and so on. As far as digitally, I’ve had personal blogs since the mid 90’s and have had the Fitbit for just over a year. I really want to ramp things up for 2012. I’m especially interested in adding in timelapse photos beginning sometime in 2012 and have been following what’s going on with Memoto.

I started in 1974, mainly exercise and some medical data. More comprehensively since 2003. And intensely since late 2007 (now about 320 variables every day; others more sporadically)

I started out in anger by logging my runs about three years ago.
Slowly increasing the scope of what I capture.
The fitbit gave me the biggest increase of available data in one go.

Looks like some of you had already been self quantifying oneself long before even the internet becomes mainstream.