Life Tracks - App - keeping track of the parts and pieces of your life

Life Tracks is a new iPhone app designed for self-trackers, pattern seekers and information keepers.

My name is Robert Thomas, I am a 75 year old, long time Mac user, (1984), first-time app developer. My company is Digital Tools Workshop, LLC.

My app, Life Tracks, is a all-inclusive tracking app. You define what to track, using your own words. It features an absolute privacy policy; universal editing; a library of ready-made tracks, created by users for other users; appended notes, photos and/or location information with each recorded event; comparative graphing; units of measure (ft, mm, oz, hr, gal, db…); units of currency, identify any world currency with currency symbols or currency codes ($, €, ¥, USD, EUR, JPY…).

I sure could use some feedback. Check it out on my website

First I just want to say I’m impressed and happy to see someone being active and creative in this way when most would choose to just retire.

Regarding the app I’m curious on how to imort or export the data. I love to track stuff but I also tend to drop habits, especially manual input with too much frequency like my weight or what I eat. This app is perfect for me to note more unique things that don’t happen often enough for any specialized app or tool to cover it. Like measuring soft data like feelings where I and not an app defines what and how to measure. Or measure the effects of a one time surgery & medication. Which your app seems to cover pretty well, but I don’t see how I can combine the data in it with all my other data that’s collected automatically in other apps or tools. Or did I miss something where your site already covers this?

All I can say is “I’m on it”.

My original thoughts with this app was to make a universal, customizable data base that did not look like a data base. Sort of a tracker for the “rest of us”. I am not much of a data freak myself.

A couple of months ago I realized that exporting data could be a major issue for many potential users and spent a couple of days researching the thought. It was immediately obvious that the whole iPhone SDK ignored the issue. So I dropped the subject until version 2.

I had a hunch that this was going to be a much larger issue to QS followers than it was to my “average Joe” end user. And sure enough this first reply from you put it right up front.

It seems that setting up to isolate needed data as CSV and sending it to yourself may be the easiest way to deal with the problem.

If anyone out there has any certainty as to the best approach to this, please reply so I may learn a thing or two.

Version 2 will include data export.


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The app sounds intriguing. Is a version for Android planned in the future?

Yes, I have always included Android in my master plan, but I fear it is at least a couple of months away.