LifeLogging App in the AppStore

Hey guys,

Awesome to be a part of this community! So happy to discover something like this exists and learn from all of you.

We (at Bleat Inc.) are excited to announce the first version of our new app - WHIB (Where Have I Been). WHIB is a private logbook that:

() automagically records all the places you go (countries, cities, neighborhoods) without any manual checkins :slight_smile:
) automagically tracks how you spend your day (flying, driving, walking, in one place);
(*) does so by using very little battery (2-3% per day);

We just launched in the AppStore (under WHIB) and would love to engage with this community to learn what you like/don’t like about this App so we can improve it for the next rev. We’ve spent the last few months creating the app, improving the algorithm, and understanding the trade-off between accuracy and battery-life. Super excited to have launched and to engage here!

Thanks and really look forward to your feedback.


Here are some screenshots from the app with about 90 days of data to see where you can be after you download the app.

(And here is the iTunes link to the app:

Hi again folks - just wanted to thank folks that have already sent feedback and also let you know we are on Twitter @bleatinc //


Really like the look of this app, a great idea! Did not realise until recently it was even possible to have these automatic checkins on an iPhone, and I think this sort of data will add a lot to the measuring and analysis QSers can do. Outside of activity trackers like Fitbit, I’m finding little truly passive data collection an amateur like me can do, and this is a proper step forward to me (without investing a lot of research/cash??).

My main feedback would be to make it possible to get the data out of the system and combine it with data from other apps/devices. I saw on Twitter you already suggested a CSV, which would be a great start. If possible it would also be great to have it use some API to integrate into analysis portals like TicTrac or Zenobase or whatever people like to use to cross reference data, for those people who do not like to spend too much time in Excel :slight_smile:

For me, at a very simple level, I travel quite a lot to hotels and like to track where I sleep each night and its effect on my sleep, subsequent mood etc. Right now I do it manually (annoying, and I can forget) - but I can definitely see that this app could automatically feed in my precise location of sleep and let me correlate against sleep quality, awakenings, mood etc. And that’s just the very start!

One question I had - on the “out and about” - should that be the time I spend walking? I went on a 1-2 km walk and noticed that the timer stayed on 0 as though I had not left home. Do I misunderstand what that section is for?

Either way, a great idea thanks, and could enable some really fascinating analysis for consumers with such a low outlay (if they have the right phone!).

I agree, this is a great idea, but there needs to be some sort of export so that the data can be viewed in a way other than the iPhone, or combined/compared with other data. This app absolutely has the right idea, the only way a person will keep doing something, is if they don’t have to do anything!

Hi Adamm,

Thanks SO much for taking the time to write us feedback on WHIB, we really appreciate it! Hear you and others loud and clear on the ability to export the data and do with it whatever you’d like and something we’re going to work on for the next rev.

Your point on how this data can influence your life in how you can be more productive, active etc. is really where we want to take WHIB. We’re working on learning from users what are the most useful data points and how they use it to influence their behavior. We want to enable a layer of intelligence on top of that data so we don’t just produce numbers, but something concrete users can walk away with and think about/change/do.

The Out & About section basically tracks your movement so it should have captured the 2KM walk you went on - puzzled that it didn’t. The next time you’re Out&About, take a quick peek at WHIB to see if it tracked your latest location - if not, try dropping a crumb manually (on the home screen) to see if that works. The only reason we can think of that it wouldn’t work automatically would be poor cell coverage in those areas - but I’m not sure that was the case right?

Thanks so much again for all your time and for trying WHIB. And please tell folks you think would find it valuable about WHIB as we’re trying to get as much exposure/learning as possible for v2.


Hi Al,

Thanks a ton for your reply, and positive feedback on WHIB! It means a lot for us to be engaging with real users and your taking the time to give us your thoughts is invaluable to us as we mature.

Spot on with your statement about ‘the way to keep doing something is to not have to do anything at all’ - that’s the exact sentiment we had when working on WHIB. Manual checkins are still relevant in some cases but mostly a thing of the past. Any other feedback/thoughts you have would be awesome. And if possible please tell folks you think would find WHIB useful.


BTW - we just updated our website based on feedback as well. Our new site can be seen on

Thanks again!

Hi, thanks for the reply, certainly intend to spread the word!

Perhaps it is poor cell coverage, if that can be the reason. My area is quite bad for coverage, often difficult to make phone calls.

I had it log a drive I did as 10 minutes yesterday when actually it was more like 30 minutes overall. I guess that could be the same issue, and I should consider dropping the crumbs myself. Very clever of it to realise I was driving at all though!

Or I could move house to a civilised area with nice strong 3G :slight_smile:

Mine doesn’t seem to be keeping track of my on the road time. It says 30 minutes, when I clearly was on the road yesterday and today 4 times for 30 minutes each. Its there a way to “force” it to know you are on the road? I’ve only been using it a few days, do I need to just let it go for a week or something until it hones in on things?

Hi Al,

Thanks for your note. It should have recognized that you were on the road // poor cell coverage is the only reason we can think of. Let me double check and see how we can debug and get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience and feedback.