Lifelogging Lab Open Call, Science Gallery Dublin

Hi guys,

In February 2015 the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland will be putting on an exhibition called ‘Lifelogging Lab’. It will run for two months and include self tracking experiments, artists’ installations, talks and events around the theme of lifelogging. The open call for ideas for the exhibition is open until the 23rd of October, and can be viewed here;

If anyone has any questions about it feel free to get in touch.


Hi Gina,

Looks exciting. Are there any restrictions/requirements on who can submit a proposal?

I’ve worked on several QS/biosensor related installations in the past and would like to participate if I can.


  • Kiel

Hi Kiel,

Sounds good! There are no restrictions on who can submit, it’s open to everyone until the 23rd of October and applicants will hear back by the 17th of November.