List of Polar H7 questions I'd like to ask (feel free to add)!

  • How long can I wear the sensor before rewetting the sensor?
  • Can I rewet the sensor with saliva rather than water?
  • How long does the CR2025 battery last if I wear it 12/24 hours a day?
  • What is the max distance from phone this can afford?
  • why does it consistently record a heart rate higher than my native HR (even going up to 160 BPM? I’ve positioned it such that the straps 1-2 inches below my nipples - I’m also thin)

(will come up with more)

The answer to all of the above is “it depends”.

I gave up on the Polar H7 (hoping to have better luck with Hexoskin), though it appears to work well for others.

If you aren’t very sweaty, electrode gel can help.

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H10 was just released.