Live Co Working Space for QS

The Group

I started a live-meeting co-working space for people to explore their QS data together and have intellectual conversations about the future, emerging technologies, QS, the humane tech movement, etc.

You can join the discord server here
I’m keeping it casual and unstructured so the group can grow into whatever form it takes. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.


I believe QS has tremendous potential for the future we are moving into. By talking/working with other people who feel the same, we can explore topics that interest us, realize what is possible, and build real-world use cases.

I am active for 5-10 hours/day working on data science or software dev for my QS projects. Would love for more people to join.

Examples of stuff I’m working on in the group

“QS projects” couldn’t be more vague, so here is a list of some of the stuff I have been working on the past couple months:

  • Statistical modeling on a holistic personal dataset to understand the human experience
  • Apple health APIs
  • Text analysis to pull semantics from my journals
  • Personal career manager.
    • Radar charts for skills I need to succeed in my startup role
    • Information pipelines that allocate content to fulfill radar chart
      - AI applications for content translations/condensed formats
  • Methods for people to set their own UX intention
  • Software projects for an Iron Man Trainer, a system that mimics the
    functions of a financial market to create debt for not following through
    on my intentions which are paid down by doing physically challenging
  • Figma models to understand personal data life cycle, personal data
    philosophy/strategy, etc.
  • Learning about data science, philosophy, data laws, emerging tech,

Responding to all comments!



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Is the discord link still valid? Cause I can not get in.

Joined :)!

that Link has expired. Do you have a new one?

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