Lock screen health and wellness tracker - the unlock motion does the tracking

I’m a long-time self tracker that always had difficulty sticking to using an app for tracking - I’d always trail off after a couple weeks. So, I decided to jump in and build/share an app that makes it a lot easier. By moving self-tracking up to the lock screen, you can learn more about yourself with less effort than any other self-tracking app I’ve tried.

App: younlocked
Google Play link: https://goo.gl/bvmcmB
Web site: http://www.younlocked.com/

This app replaces the smartphone “swipe to unlock” screen with a question – swiping to answer simultaneously unlocks the phone. You can answer questions like “How are you doing?”, “Are you having your period?” or “Did you take your medication?” as the unlock, reducing the effort in self-tracking and not having to change your behavior.

I’d love to get some feedback from other QSers.

It is only for Android right now, but if it can really help people, I think we can work to change that.

Thanks for reading.

Great idea! How about “why are you unlocking the device”? :slight_smile:


That is a great one. It’s a nice way to see how well (or not) we’re spending our time on devices. We do have a question “What are you about to do?” & even variants like “What were you doing before unlocking your phone?”