Looking for a pulse ox (SP02) device for a community-based self tracking study

We’ll be 15 people looking to do some coordinated self-tracking about respiration. We’re in the market for pulse ox devices. Our requirements are:

–must be easy to get the data out in raw form
–if run via an app, must be both android and iphone compatible (web-only okay–does that even exist?)
–intuitive enough/free of bugs enough for people who are not tech savvy to use
–accuracy appears to be within reason, FDA approved a bonus

Any ideas? Any particular device you’ve had luck with? The previous conversations on this forum about pulse oximetery are a bit old now.

SpO2 measurements require red and infrared light, so you can’t just use any cell phone camera (as you can for PPG).

The Withings Pulse O2 has an SpO2 sensor, and Samsung has built SpO2 sensors into some of their newer devices. iHealth sells a dedicated pulse oximeter.

These all let you access the data through a Web API, but don’t provide “raw” data.

Thanks Eric!