Looking for Android excercise tracking app

Can anyone reccomed me a generic excercise tracking app for android?

I’d like to be able to list a number of excercises - ‘regular’ abbs excercises, some stuff recommended by my physical therapist for back-problems, and kegel to recover from childbirth. I’ve compiled a little program which takes about 20 minutes, and now i’d like to be able to keep track of:

  • How often i actually manage to excercise. Mainly for motivation, and to see if i can reasonably expect less back-pain.
  • Number of repeats, ie progress.

Apps i have encountered so far offer a program, but i alreay have one!

Hi Ivana,

I am using an app called FitNotes for my gym exercises. It is simple and free tool, you can use the default exercises in the app or you can define your own ones. The usability is good and you can export your data, but unfortunately it doesn’t connect with any other app or site on the moment.


Thanks eemeli,

FitNotes looks like it will do just what i need.

I tried generic track apps: My Logs and Tap Log. Based on this i had wanted to add to my previous post that an excercise logger should make tracking repetitions as wel as level (weight or duration) possible.

Tried FitNotes, works as promised!

Good to hear! FitNotes does just that, weights or duration can be added to reps / sets.

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I’d like to add that i also tried an app called Simple Workout Log.
This does essentially the same, a small comparison based on a very short test-period:

  • Simple Workout Log: adding excercises you did earlier is easy, you just change the date when entering the excercise.
  • FitNotes: you can add excercise you did earlier, but its unintuitive because you have to open the calendar and then add your excercise.
  • Simple Workout Log: when defining new excercises you cannot add a description
  • FitNotes: you can add descriptions to your excercises
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Possibly of interest: Creating a compendium of fitness and nutrition apps

I’m using 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout. Very effective. Actually it allows me to set work-out plans and track my excercise daily for different part of body. its rating from Google store is really impressive.
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.popularapp.thirtydayfitnesschallenge&hl=en
apk in case you can’t access store: http://choilieng.com/apk-on-pc/com.popularapp.thirtydayfitnesschallenge.apk