Looking for Android time tracking app

Hi All,

Up to this point I tracked only my sleep time (Sleep Bot), and billable work time (Paymo) on my Android phone.
Now I would like to track almost all time during day and night (sleep), and being able to analyze it. However, I would like to use just one app, not multiple apps.

Today after a short research I found Android application (Gleeo Time) that I will test in the next few days.

Do you know about any other Android applications that I could use to track all my activities in one place?




Tap Log (my app) may suit your general needs. There is a demo version … rich

I use TSheets Time Tracking App to track my business and personal hours…

Thanks Rich. I’ve been testing “Gleeo Time” app for 2 days now, and it works great for my needs. So there is no reason to spend time on other apps right now. If I find important limitations of this app I’ll research others including “Tap Log”.

Thanks Emily. I’m doing an experiment by tracking almost everything I do. The app “Gleeo Time” that I’ve been testing for the last 2 days seems to have all the features I need, and more importantly it has zero of extra features that I don’t need.
It seems I got lucky and found what I need quickly.

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Not sure if you are still looking, but we use ZipTimeTracker.com

It is a free online time tracking tool. You can enter billable and non-billable work, send out invoices and generate reports.

I don’t have an Android but it is web based so should work fine.

There are lots of available android time tracking app out there that you can use. Check out Toggl, which can be use anywhere on anything; PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

I like Timesheet. It offers billable time tracking, a widget and you can export the data easily. There is also a plugin which gives you the ability to let a project-timer be started as soon as the phone is near a NFC-tag.

PS: There is also a “Automatically add location information” and a “start tracking as soon as a certain WLAN is in reach”-feature.

PPS: Its free :slight_smile:

I would recommend some tools that I had used personally, both in my official and personal life for tracking time, tasks and projects.

They are Replicon Time clock, Tsheets, Dovico time tracking app, etc.

I would suggest Time Meter (TimeMeter Time Tracker). It helps me to track any time - sport/work/home. Clear holo-like UI and some nice features as reminders/notes.

I saw a couple votes for TSheets Time Tracking App on this forum and tried it out - after a couple of days of struggling to remember to clock in and out (and having to go back and manually change my time) it truly has become second nature to switch between jobs. It gets my vote too!

RescueTime also has an Android client: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rescuetime.android&hl=en

I’ve been using Gleeo Time Tracker - Timesheet too, for over a year.

The app is very good, and has almost 5 stars on the Android Play Store. It’s also free, unlike most of the alternatives mentioned above. It can export data, and has its own reporting function.

I’ve found that time tracking itself takes a little more time than I anticipated - about 5 - 10 minutes per day if you want to track activities with actionable accuracy. Also, the mere fact of using a time tracker made me more aware of how I was using my time, and more focused (see the Howthorne effect).

Another interesting lifelogging app is Saga (the startup is backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen), which does passive location collection and classification of where you spend your time.


I haven’t used it, but from its Google Play Store listing:

You’ll get more out of Saga the longer you use it. Over time, Saga will surface trends data and visuals infographs to help you learn more yourself. With Saga, you can:

  • Track your time in transit, at work, and everywhere you go
  • Understand your how you spend your time and where you go with personal lifelog analytics
  • Optimize your life by having a better understanding of how you spend your time

Saga is no longer being actively developed: http://www.geekwire.com/2014/paul-allens-vulcan-absorbs-aro-restructuring/

Pity, as Saga was a great alternative to the Moves app, and they were just about to open up their API…

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I recommend using Hubstaff’s Time Tracking Android App It is cross-platform, simple to use and has a Free solo plan too!

I’ve built the free and open source ActivityWatch, which is cross-platform and has an early Android version out on the Play Store:

I made a post about ActivityWatch in general here:

I can recommend you to try *TMetric time tracking app* which let you create template reports and check your activity in details with flexible filtering and interactive charts. The tool is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux; has mobile apps for Android and iOS, and a web version too.

I have been using workvector.com for a year and half and it’s been the greatest thing. Using the app is so easy and the design is simple and nice as well. If you are looking for an app to track time and work, I recommend this one 100%. It’s made my work so much more pleasant.

Since app doesnt have background service its often unloaded from memory, which makes tracking of mobile firefox web plugin totally useless…
Another issue is a slowing down of the app after a few months.

Those issues arent too critical, thanks for your work :+1: