ActivityWatch - Open source automated time tracker

Hi everyone!

I’ve been building ActivityWatch for the past ~5 years with the help of my brother and other contributors. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a pretty solid piece of software, with most of the features you’d expect from software like it, and a decent ecosystem to boot! It’s a great open source alternative to software like RescueTime, ManicTime, WakaTime, etc.

Our website, with downloads and (outdated) screenshots, is here:

We just hit 100,000 downloads the other day and would love for you all to try it out and experiment with it.

We also just released v0.11.0, and it’s our best release yet (although has a few minor bugs which will be fixed in an upcoming patch release).

You can find the source code on GitHub:

I’ve also been using it in my MSc thesis, which uses EEG to study device use, mostly targeted towards software engineering:

Been creeping these forums for a while, and sharing this here has been on my TODO-list forever. But from searching the forum I see it’s already been mentioned a few times, mostly by @rain8dome9, so figured this will be interesting to many of you. I even talked to @ejain back in the day when we just started building it! (Zenobase was an inspiration)

So try it out, and let me know what you think! :grinning: