Looking for Beta Testers for a new iOS tracking app

Hey everyone, I recently started working on a new iOS app for tracking things about yourself. It’s very early days (I started working on it 2 weeks ago) but I think it’s ready to get some real people using it and providing feedback.

If you are interested in testing it out, please reply here or DM me.

A little about the app - It allows you to create any Item you want and then add data to that Item. Right now the data is a number and date. You can then visualize that data on some charts or in a list. Pretty simple for now. I’m really focusing on making it easy to add new data since that’s the thing I struggle the most with in regards to my current method which is inputting this all on a Google Sheet.

In terms of the data, it only lives on the device, it is not saved in the cloud and nobody can see it but you. I’ve added a way to export in JSON format as well as a way to import from JSON or CSV. Soon there will be a way to export CSV and eventually I’d like to add a way to auto send it all to a Google Sheet.

Here are a few screenshots -

Main view showing your items. You can tap the number to quickly increment or tap on the tile to see more

View of all your data grouped by day. You can swipe to delete.

Tapping on a tile shows you charts for your data

You can tap on a tile to quickly increment or go into the Add Data view to add any number you like to any date going back in time

Here is the Settings view where you can import/export

The app also supports dark mode.

If you’d like to test this out and help drive it forward please reach out! Thank you!

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Hi Dan, let’s chat.

Thanks to all those who messaged me. Here’s an update -

  • You can now export data in CSV format.
  • Tiles can now show the current number for day, week, month, year or all time. Previously it was only showing day.
  • Charts are interactive. You can tap on a bar and see numbers for that time period.

You can now install the app on Testflight using this link - Join the Druck beta - TestFlight - Apple

Here are a few screenshots -

Hi everyone, I’ve added a few big updates to Druck:

Apple Health Integration
Druck now integrates with Apple Health. To get started, tap on an Item and then Item Settings. You can then configure the item to pull in values from Apple Health. All past values will be imported and any future values will import as they are created.

You can now add location data to your entries and view them on a map.

If you’d like to help test Druck out you can do so by installing from Testflight here - Join the Druck beta - TestFlight - Apple


Very happy to announce that Druck is now live on the App Store! Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. Please keep it coming!

Download on App Store

Hi dankantor:
Have you also considered including fats and proteins (red meat) to your tracking?
my website is https://lovethisdiet.com/
I am also interested in your progress if possible, please keep me posted lovethisdietplan@gmail.com
Good luck with your project,

Thanks Jim. Yes, I track Red meat! I am not tracking fats though.

Just clicked on your website but got a 502 error.

I’d be interested in testing for you. I track most things in Day One with iOS Shortcuts

Great! You can download it on App Store - https://apple.co/3u9U1xc

Would love to hear why you think. Thanks.