Looking for Bluetooth LE, not Bluetooth Classic, devices

Bluetooth 4.0 really includes two different standards: Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE. I’m looking for Bluetooth LE devices, in particular a pulse monitor. Many devices online appear to be Bluetooth Classic, not LE.

I want LE versions because I’m a software engineer and I want to learn Bluetooth LE programming.

Has anyone seen LE devices yet? I’m aware of the Polar H7. Looks great. Any others?

You have those 3 other Heart Rate Monitor that also uses the Bluetooth LE :

Wahoo Blue HR
HxM Smart
ithlete Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor

I’m still waiting for a replacement for my Polar H7 (started getting erratic data after a few weeks of use). Also, the Polar H7 has no status indicator lights, which makes it hard to figure out what is going on if you can’t connect…

Are you planning to write code for iOS or Android (or both)? Bluetooth LE on Android 4.3 wasn’t much fun (at least not with the Nexus 4 or 7); haven’t been able to test 4.4 yet.