Looking for health trackers interested in health data visualisation

I am Ph.D. student at Deakin University in Australia. I am working on delivering the best practices of personal data visualisation on smartphones. With the allotted research team we summarized our findings on building a set of guidelines to help developers developing user satisfied data visualisation.
Now, we want to evaluate the effectiveness of these guidelines by running an experiment that include both designers and end-users.
I am developing a case study to evaluate a set of guidelines related to data visualisation, I need to write a project brief but I wanted a real life scenario, that would be captured from health trackers.
Secondly, I wonder if I can get in touch with data visualisation designer/ developer who are willing to build mhealth app.
if you are interested in any of these, please email me

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What do you mean by this?

Hi rain8dome9,
user satisfied: in my research case, it related to users experiences when using charts or graphs that presented their health data. what are the challenges and the advantages that would make users either stick with this application or just leave it and look for another one. so in this case we need to hear from real users what are their requirements ?

There are many apps that visualize one way or another but almost none that do anything more advanced than logistic regression. I think this is the bottleneck.

I guess what I need form a visualization is either interactivity or automatic parameter picking so the graph zooms in on what I need to see.

Well, that what i need from your side what are your requirements ? , in term of functional requirement , presented data , look and feel , interactivity with chart and based on smartphone interaction modality
thank you so much in giving this information, now can i take your permission to be one of the users who will be included in my experience…

I am looking for more users and designers

Personally I like GGraptr lots and lots. Its easy and interactive and fun but for data fans, not the average user.

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I quickly went through it , and it is great tool to build your own data visualisation.
what do u mean by data fans and average users , my target users are broad audience who have different level of understandings charts starting form novice users

I’ve kept a spreadsheet for years. I would love the capability to make comparisons between data.

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Hi RobinGroenke,
Thanks for reaching out, to ensure i am getting it right . do you mean you want the chart show a comparison between data for example compare between sleeping time this month and previous month

I think that I replied elsewhere in greater length, but if one could visualize themselves as a chronic pain patient, It could be very interesting. Pain provides a function that is part of a person’s psychosocial network. This could be visualized as well as the behavioral, cognitive, and emotional parameters. Data can come from standardized questionnaires. There could be basic models that we could customize - think schema therapy for lifestyle diseases. This would be revolutionary, but even more importantly it could allow a patient to see how they block themselves.

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Hi Marc_Mathys,
Thanks for reaching out,
your contribution is valuable, I am looking here on presenting charts to track some health data , so do mean that i can add emotions as data to be tracked ?

Can you be one of the end users of the experiment

can you be one of the end users in the experience

“do you mean you want the chart show a comparison between data for example compare between sleeping time this month and previous month”
Not so much comparing the same data over time. But correlations. If, for example, my sleep number is good; what else might have contributed to that? Where do I start to look to improve and reinforce behavior . . . which data points. I would be happy to share a link to my spreadsheet if that’s helpful. I was part of a Washington University Student’s study, they were on the right track (for my desires). I’m not sure what’s happened with that.

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what is this?

if i am getting right then this should be reasoning you are talking about.

Some ideas other made:

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Thank you so much

Hi there @yasmeen - sounds really awesome. I love building dashboards and visualizations. Are you still looking for designers and developers?