Looking for "myOS" i.e- Accessible Personal Data integration

Greetings all,
My name is Andrew and I came to QS via the following progression- Grassroots Organizing-> FOSS->Civic Hacking->Open Data->IOT->Open Source Hardware->Makers Movement->Home Automation->Wearables->QS…

My current challenge is already hinted at in my timeline narrative attempt… That is that the great potential afforded by all this newly accessible technology is simultaneously negated by the sheer complexity of combining devices and data inputs into a meaningful integration. I can usually avoid data overload by sticking to an “only open source” rule to ensure anything can eventually be interoperable, but I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to the highly personal world of QS services. I’m not a developer, though I am learning more about event driven js applications like Node-RED. NodeBLU, Cylon.js and MQTT. I’m also much more comfortable in the realm of open hardware like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, XBee etc…
My interest in QS began when I started using “Sleep as Android” with my Pebble Watch. I immediately started thinking of ways to extend features like the Smart Light integration and NFC-based wake up tasks into other areas like medication reminders and tracking.
My idea was this… I have to take two different medications on a daily basis. The first prescription I take every morning an hour before waking up and later at 10:00 while the other script I take as needed. I have a drink cup with a hollow cap where I can put my morning meds so I designed a 3D Printed base with a ring of LEDs connected to an ElectricImp. The idea is to have it blink every time the “Sleep as Android” alarm goes off so I don’t forget to take the meds in my half-asleep state. I also embedded an NFC tag in the cap that will send a signal to the alarm and log that I took the meds. For my daytime meds I have a pocket pill organizer with another NFC tag. I can scan this to log every time I take the 10:00 dose. I’m still deciding on the best way to log the “as needed” medication since I take different amounts at different times. One thought is for the NFC tag to bring up a dialog on my Pebble Watch where I can input whether or not I took 1/4, 1/2 or a full dose. Ideally, though I would rather avoid having to use the phones NFC scanner every time.
I’ve got all the hardware I need to make this workflow a reality, but the software is another story altogether. Its somewhat easy enough to trigger device responses from Android apps using Tasker and some combo of MQTT/Node.js. My chief blocker is *finding a place to store all the data! *. Obviously, medication usage is not something I’d like to post on Facebook wall and all the various Android-based “pill trackers” are suspiciously vague about what they do with the data. I’ve looked at Fluxstream, but it seems like it follows the same maddening pattern of IFTTT, where it only appears to support a small range of consumer devices like Fitbit and Jawbone. This might change in the future but at present it doesn’t seem like there’s any easy way to add your own “connector” beyond the small range of options officially supported. So from a user POV it only integrates data if you just so happen to be using Fitbit, Moves, Google Calendar etc… I’m certainly not about to migrate all my sleep data (for example) to another app, especially one that might require expensive additional hardware.
Zenobase looked more promising for its flexible customization features, but the subscription pricing plan is a non-starter for something that I’m not ready to commit to…

So what other options are there?  I'd certainly prefer to set up my own cloud using Fusion Tables, Google App Engine or AWS, but I would be lost without some kind of template or detailed guide.

If anybody in this community can help with some recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. Likewise, if I can be of any help with hardware/interaction design questions , feel free to PM or respond inline.

Thannk You Very Much!
Andrew J