Looking for someone to talk to a journalist about QS

Hello there,
I am an editor with an European news outlet and I am currently researching an article about the Quantified Self movement. I’m particularly interested in first-hand experience of the lifestyle: why are you doing this? What is your everyday life like? What are you tracking?

I would be happy if someone would be available for a short interview!


Hi! Thanks for posting to the forum.

I am happy to be interviewed for this as a general consumer turned developer into QS software. The founder of our nonprofit Jim French would love to discuss why QS is important to us, how it can help people, and how it helps us in particular if that’s a topic of interest.

Happy to help, pls send Qs to jenny@jennyandthemachines.com

Happy to help- please send Qs to jenny@jennyandthemachines.com

Thank you all for your replies and your private messages! I will reach out to you.