Looking for something like Daytum but more sophisticated

I was trying out Daytum then TallyZoo to track metrics like number and type of patient seen/day as well as my average duration/sleep study interpretation. There are several issues with these tools which make them imperfect for my uses.

Daytum was not able to deal in averages-- every item is simply a sum. Tallyzoo seems to be able to average but does not allow time units. Neither has a working iPhone app at this time which is critical for data capture. In addition, neither site has been updated since 2010.

I also have looked at Your Flowing Data (not granular enough) and beta.me-trics.com (did not allow creation of my own data categories).

Any suggestions? I am willing to pay a few bucks/month for something that will meet my needs.

You might look at an iPhone called Tonic. It provides a lot of flexibility in tracking. There’s no built-in analysis, but you can export the data. There’s a discussion about Tonic here.

  • Rajiv

Hi Craig,

You can try the Dayta App. It might be too simple and may not enough features for what you want, but it is free. That being said, the website is down. The app still works though

Dayta app itunes link

Thanks for the replies, guys. This seems like a crowded space a few years ago but now the major players like Daytum have laid fallow for awhile. I briefly looked at these items and will explore them further. Ideally, I would like something with website support and ability to put out graphics.

The main developer behind Daytum, Nicholas Felton, has been pretty busy lately. He’s the lead designer of the new Timeline feature at Facebook.

Oh, and Tonic, use Tonic. Much better support and functionality than Dayta. I feel like a fool not mentioning it. Sorry Raj :slight_smile:

Daily tracker (universal ios app) gets tons of good reviews. It’s super flexible, but super ugly. It has a lite version to try out. I don’t use it because it takes to long to enter data, but if you have a longer attention span then me you may like it.

Right now I’m using your.flowingdata.com, a web app that uses twitter as a way to enter data, clockedin 2, iPad app, as a time tracker, and daily deeds, iPhone app, as a check list to track daily events that don’t need a value attracted to it.