Looking forward to experimenting

Hi, I’m Jimmy.

I’ve been to a few QS meet ups in Orange County, California.

I became aware of QS from the paleosphere. I’ve been eating mostly paleo and doing HIIT workouts for about 2 years now. I’ve also experimented lightly with earthing, meditation, supplements, and sleep hacking.

I am interested in doing some further experiments to see what data comes from it.

I plan on doing a 30 day trial of daily meditation, and I’m curious what data would be useful to quantify from it, and how to get such data.

Any advice would be welcome

At the very least, I’d write down when you meditated, how long, and perhaps a subjective rating and/or notes.

Bonus points for recording the meditation sessions with a device like the NeuroSky MindWave or the Muse

Hi Jimmy,

This will see perhaps too basic, but I’ve found it very useful: http://www.meditate.mx/iphone This is a meditation timer that keeps a record of your sessions, along with notes. I’ve learned quite a lot from using it. Here’s a short talk I gave that talks about it a little: