MA thesis on affective self-tracking

Hi all,

I have recently finished a New Media MA thesis at the University of Amsterdam on affective self-tracking entitled “The Quest for Happiness in Self-Tracking Mobile Technology”.

The thesis focuses on personal experiments and technology related to mood tracking and happiness measurement within the QS group, so if anyone is interested in this particular topic, feel free to have look and eventually send me your feedback.

Thank you!

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This looks like a nice overview of mood tracking, thanks!

Hi Ana,

Thanks a million for sharing your thesis. I am currently studying for my MA in Health Promotion and want to do my research in the area of QS but have been a bit lost on how to go about it as it is such a diverse field with so many branches to it. Your thesis has really helped me see how research in this area can be done and was an absolute pleasure to read :slightly_smiling: