MACHINE LEARNING! Tracking app for chronic conditions

Hi everyone, I’m working on an iPhone app that’s focused on using machine learning to figure out triggers for chronic conditions. We have one of the top data scientists from building algorithms to, for example, figure out max time between meals to reduce acid reflux, and compare psoriasis symptoms before and after a treatment.

We automatically import data from any wearable connected to Apple Health and you can supplement this data with your symptoms, moods, events, etc. It can also be used to build a health plan that simplifies manual tracking.

Data portability and having the opportunity to analyze the data yourself being as important as it is, we consolidate all data and export this as easy to use csv-files (exercise.csv, sleep.csv, heartrate.csv and so on).

Please email me: if you’re interested in chatting or volunteering as a beta tester


Can’t test (I’m on Android), but am interested in the format of the files you export…

Are you planning to support a fixed number of tracking protocols for specific conditions, or will the app be completely generic?

Ah that’s a shame.

You can basically track what you want - it’s not geared towards a particular condition as we’ve found that people often have a main condition that gives rise to others. It’s completely configurable to what you want to track on the fly (see screenshot)