Macro and Sodium tracker for Android

This is a quick demo of the new macro and sodium tracker I am working on for Android. For myself, I am trying to eat more protein and curb my sodium intake and am finding this to be a pretty handy and fast tracker.

I like it because it is pretty fast to launch and key in foods that are already in the database, so the more you use it the faster it becomes to put stuff in. The voice entry is handy for long names too.

It’s written using rfo-basic and it’s only about a 400kB apk I think.

I will put a link to the Play store once the app comes out of early access.

If you have an Android and want to tinker around with the code and customize it, here is the source:

It can be compiled into an Android apk using rfo-compiler from the Play store. I am sorry that I don’t comment my code a little better.

Here is the Play Store link