Maintaining and Improving the QS Website

Yes, I don’t think the point is monetization, but rather maintaining and improving the community resource. I do this mostly on my own, with generous and thankfully only occasionally needed development support from @Dan_Dascalescu. That’s ok, but it does seem somewhat less than the potential utility. There’s a great deal of collective knowledge in the QS community that is somewhat sparsely represented here, especially now that it’s been so long since a QS conference.

If there were a way to bring this knowledge out more, encourage people to share what they are learning more actively, I’m all for it.

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I need to understand exactly how to improve the site.

Go to Google Analytics
Resource access control —>(+)—> Grant access to new users —>
—> Add roles and data access restrictions —>
Email addresses mail
Enter my email address (listed on the forum)
.Notify new users by email

Role. Reader.

Break-even of the site is also important.

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Thank you!
I am already studying the site analyst.


I checked another useful plugin for the WordPress site.
The Import Markdown plugin downloads the Markdown Notes File from the computer.
The name of the file has become a post title.
The record was preserved as a draft and you only need to publish.
Import Markdown significantly accelerates the publication.


traffic source
organic search

google / organic
% of total new users : 36.30%

Google Analytics in February 2023 failed to identify 99.88%

The current version is outdated.

Google Analytics was only able to identify 3 search queries.

In 2013, Google Analytics identified 2,224 search queries in a month.

Have you connected the Google search console to the site?

This is a very useful tool.

The forum installed another Google analytics identifier.
Do you have access to him?

How to Fix: Google Analytics Keyword (Not Provided)

“Keyword “not provided” in Google Analytics means that Google has encrypted the search term that led someone to your site. To protect the privacy of Google users, Google Analytics will register a user as coming from organic search but won’t show you the search term they used to get there.”

I’ve only found the site today after a lifetime of tracking endeavors. Upon finding it, I thought these are my people. Maybe QS doesn’t have the data, but I wager site users share common values and, further, that a core of site users with similarly highly ranked values and core interests (investigative at the very least) have the potential to spawn partnerships and enterprises from QS-type endeavors. More useful than Medium or Reddit and just about every health and fitness magazine out there? Yes. More satisfying than commercial sites such as Bulletproof? Yes.

I read @Agaricus reply not looking toward monetization. And concur the “friendly, community vibe” noted by @rothbard . I might suggest assembling a thoughtful survey to site users. What content do they want to see? What content are they willing to generate? Is the site meeting the intended goals and ones unstated by users? If the site were to go somewhere what would it be? What could be unexpected, glorious outcomes of the collaboration here?

Content is what I do so I see so many avenues apart from my love of data.

In any case, I pose this question: What would have to happen for this site to come out of dormancy? (This new user hopes you answer it.)

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I don’t have an answer to your question :frowning:
Conducting a survey makes sense.

1. About finances.

This is how I understand the situation now.

There is no asset in the non-profit organization QS.
The organization does not have a volunteer accountant.
It is likely that Gary Isaac Wolf constantly submits zero financial statements QS.
It is highly unlikely that Gary Isaac Wolf knows accounting well.

Even small cash receipts to the organization will create big problems with accounting.
He doesn’t want to do this.
Doing your own bookkeeping is a very difficult task.
Not everyone can do it.
This is probably the main reason for not monetizing the site.

The situation is difficult.
Without finance, an organization cannot develop.

Perhaps Gary Isaac Wolf is no longer interested in this project and just wants to keep the archives.

2. About content.

The number of new content on the site is falling.

Visual counting. Inaccuracies are possible.

2023 - 2 blog entries
2022 - 3
2021 - 4
2020 - 10
2019 - 9
2018 - 42
2017 - 64
2016 - 61
2015 - 171
2014 - 236
2013 - 136
2012 - 206
2011 - 169
2010 - 147
2009 - 82
2008 - 48
2007 - 26

Total - 1416

Lots of low quality content by modern standards.

Are you no confusing quality with quantity here?


I don’t confuse.
Over the years, a lot has changed in how search engines work.
There used to be a lot of entries a year, and at that time they were of high quality for search engines.
Now there are other requirements for the quality of content.

Accounting for an org already in existence is not hard. Managing many small payments or rather payment issues definitely is. My wordy point was that hopefully this could exist somehow and be active. I certainly promote anyone enjoying their life. Something will happen to make the decision clear and now may not be the time.

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That’s a non sequitur for your claim that the quality of material on the QS website has gone down.

And by the way I spent decades in R&D and post-sales support of a massive text retrival system that to this day still makes Google, Bing, and even DuckDuckGo look like first year high school projects.


Very good!
Can You conduct a random quality check of 5-15 site records for different years using the Google Guide for Assessors method

and post the result?


If there is interest, then accounting matters can be shifted to a partner organization and not waste time on accounting.
There are many options.

The number of QS stakeholders has noticeably decreased.
It will be useful to clarify QS stakeholders now.
Your suggestion to conduct a survey is very helpful.

Simple answer No. Longer answer I do not use Google.

I do agree with Michael that the lack of editorial contribution to the QS Website makes it more of an archive than a current resource. The QS Forum, by contrast, has a smallish, relatively steady number of very high quality contributors, with many of the most experienced self-trackers lurking and sometimes commenting when their knowledge is relevant to the questions asked. I would like to support the community becoming more lively and encourage more participation. My time is super limited, so I have to concentrate on just what people want/need most, and I’m glad to get suggestions.

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Doesn\t that reflect the changing mood of the majority of network users. Myspace was big at one time now it is a network backwater. Twitter will be the next on to exhibit major “bit tor”. People seem to be giving up Facebook too. It seems that Neil Postman is being proved right; his book “Entertaining Ourselves to Death” Amusing Ourselves to Death - Wikipedia and his later “Informing Ourselves to Death” are prophetic even though written long before the Web was a gleam in TIm Berners-Les’s eye.

Maybe the time has come for the QS web site to be closed down or become nothing more than a pointer to other information sources.

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I suppose that the life cycle of the site is not over yet.
It is possible that it will be possible to modernize, but not a fact.
Yes, there are many broken links to external sites, the life cycle of which is finished.
Closing the site will damage many other sites.
Even if this site serves as intellectual entertainment, it is already good :slight_smile:

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Brief conclusions for 6 months of communication on the forum.

  1. Technical solutions are time -consuming and can only slow down the fall of the site.

  2. The site administrator cannot alone develop the content of the site and increase traffic.

  3. The site can continue to grow only as Multi-authors.

  4. The administrator excluded the reception of donations, the purchase of content, payment to the authors, monetization of the site.

  5. Monetization is possible only by cooperation of the forum participants outside this site.
    Perhaps the creation of a separate category on this forum “Money. Cooperation”.

  6. It is possible to put a plugin for editing old records by registered authors of Publishpress Revisions (not verified).

  7. The easiest way to publish articles on the site without registering and entering the administrative panel is an external interface and
    Installation of the USR Submitted Posts plugin.
    User Submitted Posts – Enable Users to Submit Posts from the Front End – WordPress plugin |

    This plugin is compatible with the current version of WordPress on the site.
    The minimum time spent by the site administrator will be required to check and publish new records.

Checking the plugin

Checked. The plugin works.

  • The administrator’s mail has not yet received a notification of a new entry.
  • Loaded pictures are placed at the top or at the bottom of the post.
    I did not try to drag and drop.

How to Allow Viewers & Users to Submit Posts in a WordPress Site