Major update of - best lifelogging web app

Hello there!

Just wanted to let all of you know about the major update of It was rewritten from the ground up, so I won’t cover all the changes here, but the most important are: the data comparison chart, ECG exporter, and smart notifications.

Ever wonder how your breathing pattern changes during sleep time :sleeping:? … or your heart rate? And everything relating to different sleep phases?

Well, now you can.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.


Hi @Guzik, this is very interesting. I went to the website but I had trouble understanding exactly what Aidlab is. Is there a URL with the technical details?

Hello @Agaricus.

You mean the or Anyway, Aidlab ( is a wearable device and a software platform ( for LifeLoggers, wearable geeks and biofeedback hackers. We try hard to get out juice from the data just to present meaningful output, e.g.: if we should sleep more or less, is everything ok with our respiration, or if our heart is beating as it should beat.

Hope it’s clear now :slight_smile:

Got it, thank you!

Hello QS! We’ve released a new version with some bugfixes & new features :airplane:


  • Data grouping based on different categories (so far we are detecting 7 activities: sleeping, walking, driving, running, stationary and cycling).
  • Calories burn rate.
  • Some tweaks and improvements in data analysis report.

Oh, and we have prepared a short animation showing what we do to aid biofeedback researchers in their work:

can you tell me what technology you use to determine this?

can you tell me what technology you use to determine this?

In short, we analyze the HRV from the ECG signal. Would you like to see a demo? If so, ping me on PM.