Making an App for Self Experimentation

Hi all! I’m looking for people who are interested in doing a couple of community experiments. We’re currently running one about using breathwork to evaluate stress relief, and another than evaluates how nixing alcohol impacts sleep.

If you’re up to give them a try please check out the links below:

Breathwork for Stress Experiment

Nix Alcohol for Better Sleep Experiment


I’m Azure. I worked for QS right out of undergrad and learned that I loved participatory research. I’m now working with a great team on Chloe by People Science - an app that lets people run personal experiments and researchers run distributed clinical trials. We’re a small, early team and would love to get feedback on our system from other self-trackers.

We currently offer a small set of experiments in sleep, mood, stress, pain - and a few options to create your own study. The app will allow you to collect subjective data, sync some basic wearable information, automatically visualize result and run simple non-parametric statistics.

Our hopes are to expand our experiment library, data visualization, statistical test options and clinical research design portal.

Check us out at

Please take a look, would love to discuss and improve!

Azure Grant, PhD
Lead Scientist,
People Science