Manage My Pain: Pain Tracker App for Android

After months of research and development, we have published Manage My Pain in both Lite and Pro versions on the Android Market:

The app is based on the American Pain Institute’s LOCATES methodology for pain description. It has received extremely positive feedback because it creates a common language for patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, and cancer, to describe their symptoms to doctors in a way that is medically relevant. Due to its ability to be customized, it serves as a fibromyalgia app, back pain app, or even a migraine app.

As an alternative to tracking pain episodes and their relevant attributes using traditional paper journals, the app improves convenience for the patient, and enables immediate analytics. The end result is that the patient can get insights into their pain via charts, graphs, statistics, and calendar views - definitely true to the QS mantra. More importantly, a summary or detailed report can be generated and provided to a medical professional to support evidence-based treatment options.

Hopefully the folks on QS who suffer from chronic pain will find use in this app - read about all the features at


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We wanted to share with the Quantified Self community that Manage My Pain has published a significant update that adds some very powerful features to the app:

• Online account registration and login
• Cloud synchronization of all records
• Basic user profile

• Rotating device or switching apps no longer wipes out pain record in progress
• Notes no longer show up in incorrect pain records in the “Records” tab
• Distorted charts and graphs have been fixed
• Main drop-down option for Default Filters is now saved correctly
• Stability improvements throughout
• Cosmetic improvements throughout