Measure if I drink enough water/tea?

I think I don’t drink enough water/tea.

I would like to measure it.

But measuring the amount of water I drink is to cumbersome.

I would like to track the numbers via my skin (or similar way).

Do modern smartwatches have a sensor to check how much water is in me?

I highly recommend the Hidrate Spark water bottle: It’s not perfect but it’s the most convenient way I’ve found to track water consumption. I’m not affiliated with them in any way.

Hydration skin patch sensors do exist, but I haven’t seen any yet that you can buy, as a consumer.

My fitness pal has a one click method for adding water to the diary

I was interested in @ejain’s reference to a hydration sensor and found this: A mass-customizable dermal patch with discrete colorimetric indicators for personalized sweat rate quantification | Microsystems & Nanoengineering

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I just count water bottles I have used into BiteSnap.

You can do a blood test for plasma osmolarity and if it out of range there is may be some dehydration. It’s not 100% sensitive according to science, but if it out of range its indicate something in fluid balance

Also there are body scales with bio impedance feature. It doesn’t seems to be accurate for absolute numbers, but good enough to see the trends and shows percent of water in body. Not sure if it can detect small hydration changes, but might worth a try.