Measuring anxiety using Smartphone sensors

Morning all.
I’m part of research team looking to see if the sensors in smartphones can measure anxiety in the real-world. This is to inform the wider public and ensure that the claims increasingly made by app developers have validity.To do this we need your help.

This is a really important stage of the app development and will only take about 5 minutes of your time.

At this time the app is only available for download onto Android devices so even if you do not have an android device, feel free to email this invitation to someone who does.

Click on this link to take part or for more information

The app is free for you to use after taking part as our way of saying thank you.
Please note:

The app has been developed by a globally recognised app developer and meets all industry requirements for safe download onto Android devices

There is no cost, advertising, personally identifiable data generation or data sharing associated with the app or this research.

Thank you for your time and your support

If you have any questions or problems taking part please get in contact:

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Good Morning,

It seems to me a very important research

I am currently developing an application on anxiety disorders and I would like to know which sensors used. Thank you