Measuring Cognitive Fatigue

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I’m doing a project for a machine learning class trying to estimate cognitive fatigue from EEG recordings using the Muse headset. The goal is to eventually use these estimates to suggest optimal break timing/duration. Does anyone have ideas for how to measure cognitive fatigue? I’ve been using the Psychomotor Vigilance Test which measures reaction time but it seems like more of a measure of sleep deprivation and what I’m interested in is the accumulated effects of prolonged academic/work concentration.

It might be helpful to dial in your mental fatigue scores by measuring and comparing other well established biometric fatigue scores with your EEG data. I would think HRV, urine pH, and sleep quality could tell you when you studied too hard. Then it would be up to you to find the correlations with your EEG data.
There is also a company called NeuroSky which sells algorithms which they claim will interpret EEG data into useful intelligence.
Good luck!

Have you looked at the Attention Network Test (ANT)?