Medivate - a web app to track and enhance meditation practice

For over a year, my partner and I have been working part-time on a tool that we thought QS users may be interested in. If you’re a meditator or aspire to be, we hope Medivate can help you.

Features you guys may like:
[]Tracking of your practice is the core feature. We tracking time, duration, and comments.
]Practice journal: this is for things you want to say that are a bit more than log comments, either kept private or made public.
[]Graphs and other interesting data visualizations from your sitlog data.
]A robust community interface for you to find practitioners who inspire or challenge you.
[*]A beautiful web-based timer that tracks even when your device sleeps and drops you right to the log form when you’re done. (Mobile apps are under development right now.)

I am very much interested in Medivate mobile. When will it be available for iPhone?