Meetup in San Francisco on 18th for quantifying mind?

As I am in San Francisco for the Strata Data Health Conference next week and I really would like to meet and hear about what the quantifying self people there thinks about to quantify the mind (outside only EEG).
If someone is interested to meet, I suggest hotel Pickwick on the 18th at 7pm. Please let me know if anyone is coming so I can arrange space.
Pls check for our project. We try for the Nokia Sensing X-Challenge. The app is open source on Android. Sensors: all.
Gustaf Kranck
Connecting Minds

I see that you’re working on something interesting and pie in the sky with mindapp. I am not sure if your ideas will work, at least not without enough resolution and years of study. If the product ever get developed successfully and confer useful benefit, I’ll keep it in mind when I am shopping for my next self quantification gear.

I am not in the San Francisco area, so I can’t meet. You might want to find out if there’s a self quanitifed meetup in your area.